Concerts far in the open air

The musician duo Riemer/Geschwind tried out their plan in the garden

Brühl. The calendar, which was so well-filled at the beginning of the year, was emptied by stricter contact rules, large concert halls and small clubs remained closed, the guitarist Wilhelm Geschwind describes a state of affairs that many musicians are currently talking about. Her work with the choir at the Brühler Art and Music School also rests in the currently prescribed forced break, adds the jazz musician Susanne Riemer. 2000 Euros, which the district government had transferred to collect broken concert contracts, were not enough forever.

The duo Riemer/ Geschwind agrees that this cannot continue. In the jazz trumpeter's garden, they met for the first time in a new concert concept, which they christened "bread and chairs", under "virus-free, open sky", as Wilhelm Geschwind puts it. And this in the light of the official recommendations on the distance between human coexistence.

It is a matter of opening up new performance spaces for the musicians beyond the big houses, explains Geschwind, that this could be a niche in a pedestrian zone, a place in a park or, as on this Friday in April, in a private garden. Actually, it was the further development of their touring concept, which they had planned only last year for the edition of their new CD "Ton in Ton". Only by bike and bus, they wanted to give "quite climate-friendly" concerts from Recklinghausen to Celle for three weeks from 29 June. And most of them in the open air.

In addition to a portable sound system powered by solar energy, there is room in the trailers of their English load-folding wheels for clothing, guitar, trumpet, tuba and 30 foldable cardboard stools. The brown seating is the centrepiece of the open-air concert hall, which Susanne Riemer stretches with a blue ribbon from a worn-out bed sheet. The stools are intended to guarantee compliance with the safety distance of two metres, which they measure first by means of a step-by-step range, then, even more precisely, with the help of a customs stick.

The wearing of mouth and nose masks is required by the audience and the duration of the concert is limited to a short 20 minutes. And they even consider threatening to cancel a concert if they see the hygiene measures violated and, if necessary, implement the threat.

On Friday there are still silent listeners, namely a plastic calf, frog king, squirrel, a little lion and a Buddha in the lotus seat, who after a short tap and voices witness the grooving sounds of the guitar, the singing and the trumpet sounds of Susanne Riemer. Riemer quickly improvises a new song line for "Chille in Kölle" on Kölsch and talks about her vision of the future, about the big concert at a safe distance. 

Now the two hope that municipal authorities and health boards will have access to the safe operation of their street and park concerts and issue the necessary permits. 

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