Free fall in espresso version

192 steps up stairs. After that, it is far too short for some, others it is just right as a fast adrenaline rush: the free fall on the rope coil from a height of about 50 meters, along the facade of the Brühler climbing tower "Via Ferrata". Perhaps the case of the old grain silo could be described as the espresso variant of bungee jumping, by the way, without rebound, i.e. the withdrawal of the bungee rope.

At the opening, some rush down. Günter Wagner would have liked to have liked to have liked longer. Emily Miller loved the brevity, a "fleeting moment just – just right for me." Deputy Mayor Robert Saß also plunged into the depths after the opening of the Skyfall.

The owners of the climbing tower "Via Ferrata", Raimund Bechtloff and Achim Heymann, not only drive up the adrenaline level with the Skyfall. Brave people can walk down or jump at right angles, or enjoy the "alpine feeling of a steep wall" in the via ferrata.

The Skyfall Brühl in the heart of the Rhineland Nature Park creates a unique selling point on its own doorstep in adventure tourism as the first freefall experience in NRW, agreed Robert Saß and the head of culture and tourism, Oliver Mülhens.

And also the members of the association "21 x 3 Brühl e. V. were happy. Founded only in 2014, the self-help group has become a point of contact for 30 affected families with children affected by "Down Syndrome", explained its chairman Fritz Wittig.In the evening, the association was able to collect 725,- Euro donations, Wittig said on Sunday, because the jump on the opening night remained free of charge, the organizers asked for the support of the association instead.

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