Why do I read the "Letter for Münster"?

"RUMS." Lands another "Letter for Münster" in my mailbox. And the next one will also come, that much is certain. Why do I read the "RUMS." as a completely non-local? An old friend recommended him, formerly a Münsteran, she has lived elsewhere for a long time.

I rarely take the time to read the letter in its entirety. Is there something about the thesis that the attention span is getting shorter and shorter in times of digital networking, or with age? After all, my limited reading time is enough to take a concentrated introduction to the essential debates that characterize these days.

Whether it's a look at the reopening of schools with Katrin Jäger, the increasing use of the bicycle – münster has not always been ahead, the role consolidation during the Corona crisis, described by Marina Weisband, the alleged cases of child abuse in the municipal administration or the discussion about climate plans of the federal government with Carla Reemtsma.

Or, as was the case only yesterday, the discussion about an urban monument, to which a group of the Black Lives Matter movement has given a blue coat of paint. Ralf Heimann helps with a meticulous analysis of the function of memory culture of individual opinion formation.

The journalists are breaking down to the city level. This could just as well happen in Berlin, Bochum, Brühl or Bergheim.

As a young start-up for local journalism on the net, it was initially said "we'll talk about money later". Soon it should cost the newsletter, because the letter writers want to live on something. Will I then order the letter, because I do not live in Münster?

Will it be worth a standard subscription that is barely above the cost of two medium-sized ice cream cups? How would you love:r reader:in decide?

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In any case, I have already looked at the gender double point – whether I used it correctly. And from the time of payment, I'm thinking about Nahbesprechung.net something else. I already have an idea…

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