The President of the meeting gave himself the honour – cultural picnic in the outdoor pool

Volker Weininger invited to the "Solo" tasting

In that corner of the Bedburg outdoor pool, where volleyball is usually played on the lawn, the cultural department of the castle town had set up a stage and a tent this weekend. The city had invited to the "Cultural Picnic in the Outdoor Pool" with a three-day series of comedian contributions with Ingrid Kühne, Volker Weininger and Martin Schopps.

After a six-month cultural break, Mayor Sascha Solbach invited almost 200 spectators to "free filming". They had made themselves comfortable on beer benches, on camping chairs and blankets, with meatballs and cheese bites in Tupperware-Döschen. "A great atmosphere," said Hermann Jürgen Schmitz, head of culture.

Some had even set up a barrel or put on a colourful costume. No wonder, because Solbach announced the deplorable person who had been tinkering with his You-Tube series "Philosophie am Glas" all the time in his small office at the counter: Volker Weininger, known as "The President of the Meeting" at the Cologne Carnival.

Plenty of beer

And for more than 100 minutes Weininger, as a self-confessed Kölsch drinker, with the pronunciation difficulties of a plentiful man with plenty of responsibility under the fool's cap, took him into the milieu of carnival and bachelor club, skat and bowling club. Because everywhere, of course, the President of the sitting also has his fingers in the game.In the audience he greeted Michael, "you are not the president of the meeting from the place next door" or Conny, "the honorary spark, we look forward to your dance" or a true bowling club, namely "The Clueless".

And the audience seemed as sensitive as they were expert when the president of the meeting reported on the hours-long blind taste of Kabänes and Jägermeister or gave the recipe of the Schlehbuscher skull sprinkler to the best. "Put a roll mops in the wheat glass, straw rum, juniper, absinthe, tabasco and two spoonfuls of turpentine, wait until the roll mops has dissolved, put a ignited China fire on top of it."You shouldn't be fooled by drinking.

Death Metal paired with Kölsche Krätzjer

But the seriousness of carnivalism was also the subject of the president's stories, for example when it came to the program of a meeting. The own forces are rather something for lovers, Peter for example, who, as a member of the municipal council, gives the cornerstones of the waste water ordinance for five hours. "Our Spark Mariechen" is closer to the crematorium than to the klimacita and the Spielmannszug of 1949 is predominantly occupied with founding members.Young people, "a megaband," he said, "a visionary, a maker, a fighter," had committed to the stage. "Satan's Blood Rush" would come to the performance instead of Quetsch' and Flitsch' with anvil and chainsaw, according to their own statements they paired Death Metal with traditional Cologne Scabies. In one piece, he once heard her shouting "Bloodwoosch."

And he introduced guys.There is Hermann from the bowling club, whose "light in the eyes has long been gone" after he looked for the shooting lucky ball in the ball channel. Or butcher Wolfgang with nickname scoundan wolf, who turns out to be a vegan at the summer festival, and Fränkie, who suffers from a "selective Tourette syndrome" as an employee at the Post Office. He only insults letterboxes. And again and again it was about the beer, which flowed from at least 75 taps into streams during the session. 

An Example of Philosophy on Glass, Episode 5: Politically Correct

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