When Luigi cooks,

then we were just too lazy to choose one for our kitchen from the appreciable collection of tried and tested Italian pasta dishes.

Despite a few decades of bubbling pasta in our own pot, we still find out every time we visit, behind the glass facade of the Gusto del Sud restaurant: Luigi just has it on.

Perhaps it's because he knows exactly where to get that fine guanciale, the pork packet he cuts into strips instead of the profane, otherwise used pork belly bacon, when it comes to such basic Italian dishes as spaghetti all' Amatriciana.

Perhaps the basic seam is the handling of the ingredients he has looked at from his mother Maria in the Sicilian village of Caltanisetta. Luigi Ottavio and the tochers of the family have published a cookbook with family recipes.

He has developed a lot of things around his own creations. It gives the fried salsiccia in the tomato sauce a surprising, fresh flavour with a little fennel green. She likes to pair with a strong sip of red. Wine from the glass – here too you can trust Luigi's taste.

Or the finesse lies in the choice of its fresh ingredients, the quality of which he likes to explain. "No, they are not easy to get here," Luigi Ottavio often concludes his lecture. But he has it. That seems to be the decisive thing and then it can taste that way. And behind the house you can also sit outside in lukewarm airs.

He also bakes delicious pizza and stuffed pasta.

You can reserve a seat via the website www.gustodelsud.de or simply pass by: "Gusto del Sud", Carl Schurz Straße 8, Brühl

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