Charity concert by musicians for musicians – "From Bedburg!"

Hat collection went this time to professional musicians

A cylinder hat on a microphone ang could surprisingly be in the spotlight, enough deep for all sorts of payments, for which the singer of the band Pocketradio, Ina Müller, prepared her listeners in the marketplace: "Don't frighten, don't bite in, just throw money in." They were titles like "Kids", "My Sharona" or Little Richard's "Good Golly, Miss Molly", which gave the local septet the best.

Otherwise it had been called "On… Bedburg!", that benefit concert in March, in which bands from the Schlossstadt already tinted through the restorations twelve times for socially needy families with the hat collection. This time it was said: Hat collection for professional musicians "From Bedburg!".

The initiator Dieter Kirchenbauer explained the concept, which he worked out over a cup of coffee together with the woman for city marketing and tourism, Gabriela Leibl, for those freelance musicians who have to accept financial losses due to Corona requirements. One that Mayor Solbach and Kirchenbauer recommended to all municipalities for imitation.

Church builders found appropriate words at the opening of the concert, said Konradin Maria von Wershoven, a member of the audience who has long been rooted in the Bedburg cultural scene as a songwriter and painter. "Imagine you're doing the radio and it doesn't play music all day," Kirchenbauer had described a world without musicians and asked, "How much is it worth to you?"

Legend of the breadless artist

A dozen professional musicians: inside the castle city suffer considerable financial losses due to the failure of performances, among them the donations are divided as structural help, Dieter Kirchenbauer said in an interview.As a statement of recognition as "a pat on the shoulder", Kirchenbauer wants to understand the unique help for the artists: inside.

Of course, none of the musicians sleep sit under the bridge yet, but it is also a matter of breaking the typical German image of "romantic poverty", which in the end even, according to the legend, only capable of artistic achievement. "But it's not so nice to live," Kirchenbauer said. Some people also feel shame about the innocuous misery.

Uncertain life perspective

What an uncertain perspective of life, for example, a singer like Christine Ladda is currently entering, she only partially revealed at her concert in the Altstadtstuben.She said she didn't know if she would continue her job as a singer at the RTL dance show "Let's Dance" next year.

Tine Ladda and Wulf Hanses-Ketteler

She performed one of the songs from the last season with her partner Wulf Hanses-Ketteler in the courtyard of the Altstadt-Stuben. It was the dance hit "Can't Stop the feeling" by Justin Timberlake, once interpreted as an emotional waltz.

What does winter bring?

Guitarist Wulf Hanses-Ketteler was not sure if he would buy "guitars or supplies" next winter. He was not "so badly positioned" with additional studio work and guitar lessons, but the number of cancelled performances was high.Other, friendly musicians needed their retirement savings at the moment.In the winter, he expects a drastic deterioration in the performance situation. Open-air concerts like "From Bedburg!" are hardly possible.

Despite the cool weather on Thursday evening, many donable guests enjoyed the music in the late evening in outdoor areas of restaurants such as II Club, the Bedburger Mühle, in the Caballito, in the Old Town Of Stuben, on the Marktplatz stage and the Danielshof in Kaster.

"All Bedburg musicians" had come together to make music for their freelance colleagues, Kirchenbauer said.The list was long: String wind, Acoustic4U, Thin Crow, Eva Müller, Julia Kropp, Penetration Derby, Pocket Radio, Philipp Schöpe, Gerd Jan Naus, Leon Commandeur, Ralf Schönewald, Shake Hands with Reinhard Falkenstein, Raphael Monsanto and many more.

Voices from the Capo

The offspring from the Capo also made

Young voices from the Capo Youth Centre opened the concert on the market square stage. The director Anne Sass called the youngest, the thirteen-year-old Johanna Schmitz on stage, the guitarist Martin Krake, the duo Max Schumacher and Nelle Böckem.And she announced the three young women Sina Siedentop, Julika Sommer and guitarist Theresia Schröder (photo). As a trio, they had rehearsed some of the songs for the concert, with which they actually warmed up their fans as a six-piece band before the performance of the "Recovered Dimension Band" from the Capo. Under the name "Youth Authorities" they will play on the stage of the Medio-Rhein-Erft in the district town of Bergheim on November 6.

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