Alexis Sorbas in words and tones – Miroslav Nemec and Orchistra Laskarina

Moussaka and Pastitsio on a table

Miroslav Nemec and Orchistra Laskarina served a real treat to all those who made a hungry pilgrimage to the Medio Rhein-Erft on Saturday after all the unspectacled time.With a reading from the classic novel Alexis Sorbas, the master actor presented with words and the musicians with notes a stage play for which director Martin Mühleis and musician Christoph Dangelmaier had written the recipes.Two recipes that combined as if hearty pastitsio like juicy moussaka on a table.

Meat delights full

In the reading of the Schelmenroman about a male friendship, there really could not be any talk of giving up on the joy of meat. Nemec slipped into the figure of Sorbas on the sofa in the right corner of the stage and read to his "boss, the capitalist" from his letter, written on a business trip.He describes the erotic experiences with a young lady who smells of cheap perfume.The shampoo flows in streams, thousands end up in the pockets of the host and several cigars glow in blue clouds of smoke before they move into the room together.

Or Sorbas prophesies from the joint pan of a delightfully consumed lamb the future for his friend and himself, by the way an optimistic one, despite the recent collapse of his coal mine. Sorba's credo reads: "Everyone has his marrots. But the biggest thing is to have none."

Word sculptures

At first, Nemec made the unequal friends, the fun-loving Greek and his intellectual pit chief and autobiographical author of the novel, in front of the inner eye of the listeners.Reading, he understood the art of great narrators to shape words like sculptures in space. The musicians recorded the moods, rivers and arcs of tension in the narrative: Matthias Hautsch on bouzouki and guitar, Ana Helena Surgik on cello, Christoph Dangelmaier, bass, Kimalé Akakpo, Santouri and Jerome Goldschmidt percussion.

When Nemec threw the jacket into the corner and set it up to the Sirtaki, the roaring applause made us forget that just over 60 had come to the big hall for the spectacle. The Medio currently offers 850 seats there, Schobbe Vois said.According to the Corona protection requirements in NRW, dense seating is permitted, provided that reliable tracking of guests is ensured, said program director Schobbe Vois.In the house everything was prepared for a safe visit without a mask in the seat, from hand disinfection to one-way street regulation.


Finally, director Martin Mühleis thanked the Bergheimers. After the last performance in Düren six months ago, the ensemble was able to perform again for the first time. As a thank you, they played a piece that bassist Dangelmaier had sent to his colleagues by telephone at the beginning of the Lock Down, one of the stamina songs of the Second World War, "We'll meet again".Here, too, Nemec showed himself to be a master of voice.