Glessener "ART of 5" give a taste of real art days

All just laminated photos

The Glessen artist group "ART of 5" practiced a completely different approach to paintings, sculptures, ceramics and photographs this time.Even last year, the concrete artist Ulrike Klerx, the painters Marie-Thérése Breyer and Angela Kühl, the ceramicist Petra de Jong-Berger and the photographer Robert Budka transformed their workshops and studios and houses across the town into a lively gallery landscape for a weekend with their own works and those of many, many guest exhibitors.Every two years they wanted to handle it that way.This time, however, Corona protection requirements dictated the rules.

Was Annie really there?

Letting the Glessen Art Days fail altogether was not the alternative, said Angela Kühl, so the quintet decided to "art on the way". This time, however, she does not show a single one of her "ART-I" paintings, says Kühl, but rather shows "only photographs" of her works like all other artists.As stable and weather-resistant foils, they made laminated photos and this time pinned them onto the walls at the corner of Brauweilerstraße/ Rochusstraße and into the green of the garage entrance of the apartment building Rochusstraße No. 2.As reproductions, the art lovers thus enjoyed the exhibition material.

The bank was left with the exception of "zARTbeton"

Reproductions with one exception, namely the bank made of "zARTbeton" by Ulrike Klerx.The permanently installed bench on the garden wall of her house, half an art object, half seating furniture, is intended to invite older people to rest on the way to the supermarket in the future.Klerx is already known for its seating furniture with a core made of styrofoam, its construction with glass fibre mats up to the highly polished concrete surface, "smooth as a children's popo". She has been working on the furniture sculpture for three years, including the approval procedures for its installation. Originally, it was a job in which the family processed the grief of their deceased brother, Klerx describes.

References to the digital universe

The guest exhibitor Bettina Schröter-Glittenberg from Kleve also used her art in a different way than usual. From a "huge image" called "communication", in which she takes our handling of smartphones at the expense of real dialogue, she quickly chose a strong cutout and she reduced to three pictures. With the help of an inserted QR code, art lovers were also able to look around their website.By the way, this is what most of the exhibitors thought.


And then the atmosphere came up in the courtyard, despite the mouthguard and hand disinfection. Saskia Price, who lives in the house herself, sang soulful ballads on the themes of love, family, loss and grief, and the band "Soda Frizzante" with brothers Lukas and Louis Schneider played electronic music to chill out in the garage.With "Art on the Way", the "ART of 5" wanted to offer at least a foretaste of the next Glaessen Art Days, and that is next year, Klerx said. Then the "post" should finally leave, including live music in the Evangelical community center.

ART of 5

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