The band Soda Frizzante – with electronic music into the future

House full of music

There was always music in the house of his father Martin Schneider, recalls his 22-year-old son Lukas. He liked to play and listen to jazz, and he passed on to the brothers his love of jazz, a music that is free, in which so much is happening.

He plays electric bass, his brother, who is three years older, sings and plays guitar, Lukas explains. And it was only in October that they met Theo Nigges from Cologne, their drummer, and Jan Woltering, the man from Bonn, for all keyboard applications. When they started, jazz played a tremendous role, mixing with neo-soul and funk. In all-day rehearsals, they developed their own songs in their rehearsal room in Metternich in Jamsession. And the role of electronics in their quartet is becoming increasingly apparent. Of course, this is also due to Jan Woltering, the computer scientist, who now uses midi keyboards and analog synthesizers synchronously, and drummer Theo recently acquired drum pads that enable additional electronic design possibilities. Electronic music is the future, says Luke. And even during the lockdown, the band continued to jam together, digitally, by means of relevant programs. In long conversations, the band exchanged views on the music experience in Skypechat. It was an intense time. These days, and the band has been burning for this since March, it's finally going on with live concerts. On Saturday they could be heard in a garage for the art action "Art on the Way" in Glessener Rochusstraße 2.

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