The numbers are rising – this is how organisers react in circles

These days, I talk to concert organizers, readings and wedding events. Then it says "the numbers" go up. Whether in neighbouring Cologne, in the district town of Bergheim and in the entire Rhein-Erft district, the number of new infections is increasing.

Puppet play on the meadow

On Saturday in Kerpen-Sindorf more than 60 spectators, Pänz with her parents, enjoyed a puppet theatre with the Cologne theater Sternkundt, with the actors Ulrike Kundt and Joachim Stern (Link) .And this according to generally applicable restaurant rules, such as sufficient distance between the tables, written registration of guests, mouth and nose protection when leaving the fixed seating areas.

It was the second part of the "Culture on the Meadow in the Veedel".After a concert with the singer Thomas Junggeburth, the Sindorf Social Democrats had again invited the citizens of the Vogelrutherfeld district.The mother of a real Casperle fan, Fabienne Quednau, had made contact with the puppet theatre.

In two respects, the chairman Branko Appelmann saw the party in Corona zeiten as a duty: "We make politics and organize culture, free of charge for everyone. If you do one thing, you don't have to leave the other."The situation is desolate for the artists and the need of the citizens for public events in a safe setting is great.The payment of the artists guarantees a collection of hats with otherwise free admission and the people showed themselves to be correspondingly donable, Appelmann explained.

The safe setting, namely the right place for culture in the Veedel, was provided by the operator of the restaurant "Del Sole", Salih Senol (Link) with the meadow opposite his restaurant on the other side of Astrid-Lindgren-Straße.

He rented the meadow from the city of Kerpen especially for outdoor dining. The loyalty of his regular customers saved him over the summer, Senol said.But soon he will clean the tables again: "It's going to be too cold."With the prospect of winter, Senol finds itself threatened in its existence. Inside his restaurant, he could only offer half of the usual tables and whether he could keep himself afloat with out-of-home sales was questionable.

Broken wedding party

The rising numbers for Fakir Alyn had astonishingly sudden consequences.A wedding planned for Friday at the Wasserburg Geretzhoven (link to the homepage) only got the Okay from the public order office on Thursday evening, at the end of the construction day, that the celebration could have taken place at all with the planned guests, the landlord explained.

You could still celebrate in 2019 in the miste at Geretzhoven Castle. Photo: Geretzhoven Castle

A wedding couple, who had also rented premises on the Wasserburg near Bergheim-Niederaußem for Saturday, were only notified by the Bergheimer Ordnungsamt on Friday morning of stricter Corona protection requirements.Only 50 guests instead of the planned number of about 80 had they should celebrate their wedding, Alyn said.The company has therefore distanced itself from the long-planned celebration.

Fakir Alyn says that organisers should be given at least three working days to react to new regulations. Spontaneous implementation of decisions prevented not only the wedding celebration, but also a number of long-booked services, beverage sales and caterers were brought about by their already reduced revenues. 

By far the best living room

Rüdiger Tillmann, who otherwise asks people in his Brühler event location Kornkammer (Link) for dance, concerts and readings, called these days from the cab of a truck. With this income, he is trying to make up for the current lack of revenue at his event location, but only this month.For he still had not given up hope of a thriving business of the granary.

A new music program for the winter should not only fill the cloakroom in the Brühler Kornkammer. The event hole had been filled with art exhibitions.

Tillmann returned with a new program for the winter, "Live Acts solid as concrete pillars".It is a program of jazz, rock, flamenco or the gypsy swing of the Joscho Stephan Quartet (for the guitarist there are concert reports here on close meeting) that makes his granary with a maximum of 35 people and by far the best living room of this winter.

Powerful supply and exhaust air system

From the Bergheim cultural temple Medio.Rhein-Erft confirms a recent e-mail confirming the firm will to hold on to events, despite rising numbers. In it, the BM-Cultura describes its current hygiene measures for a safe visit to the large event hall with efficient supply and exhaust air system. With a greater number of visitors, there is always a evasion in the large hall, which under normal circumstances offers 850 seats and now sufficient space for significantly fewer people by far.

Small and large rooms

In Wesseling, the jazz duo Nice'n' Breezy gave a living room concert in Mine's Spatzentreff, and in the comparatively much larger Pulheimer Köstersaal, the ensemble celebrated the E-Mex ensemble and other performers 250 years of Beethoven.  

Music and readings

Also in the city of Kerpen had been invited again to cultural events.On Thursday, the Kerpener Heimatverein together with the Bergheimer Museumsverein (read on close-up) had invited to a creepy and instructive lecture on castles and castles in the south wing of Lörsfeld Castle.

"We can retire to our apartments for a year and a half because of the pandemic, but then there may be no one to listen to or watch," said Susanne Harke-Schmidt, Kerpens city archivist and chairwoman of the Heimatverein.Astrid Machuj, the chairwoman of the museum association, already bemoaned the dissolution of some instrumental and vocal ensembles in the district town of Bergheim, because of the lack of rehearsal and performance possibilities.

Machuj invites you to spooky nights, to legends from the old district of Bergheim and to the haunted dinner at Schloss Paffendorf.

Birgit Immisch from the Archive Culture Department of Kolpingstadt invited to the concert in the Türnicher Erfthalle after the Rheinische Lesefest Käpt'n Book. On Friday the "New Orleans Jazz Band of Cologne" played without guest singer Tricia Boutté. Despite being a second home in Norway, the American singer was not able to enter without any problems. The band brought brina Boykin, who lives and is allowed to travel in Wuppertal. A stroke of luck.

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