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Who wouldn’t have googled themselves before, for fun at the Freud or because, like me, someone wants to know if the system already knows its own close-up blog. With some astonishment I notice that there are even more Oliver Tripps in this country. Less so than in the US, but at least. And one of them stands out in the list, which posts three short opinions on the online question platform “Quora” and who is apparently also a friend of colorful locomotives, one looks at the accompanying picture. He has six followers. From 24 November last year to 23 November. May likes to answer Oliver Tripp three questions.

They are topics such as reading, the global garbage problem and, lo and behold, he also delivers a kind of Muslim custom, a drinking phrase from young and extremist circles and that in quotation marks, unfortunately without citing the source. It almost seems as if he has experienced it himself. In this, of course, he is a little similar to me, i also like to describe what I have experienced. He also formulates a general credo that Oliver puts into the questionable proximity of … Provides. Yes, what exactly?

Is Oliver Tripp now anti-Muslim, or rather pro-Jewish? His statement is undoubtedly sharp-edged and bulky, pouring oil on the fire of an ancient conflict between two religions.

Anyway, I didn’t write these lines. I politely ask my name relative Oliver Tripp, if to remain documentary correct, to give a source and mention the original drink (Arabic?).

I would like to point out a source leading up to 2006, in the light of current events in France, that it is about the beginning of the debate on Muhammad cartoons, which has now taken place in the aftermath of death, and touches on issues such as enlightenment and humanism.

Otherwise to talk to Lennon: “Give Peace a Chance”

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Ev’rybody’s talking ‘bo
utBagism, Shagism, Dragism, Madism, Ragism, T
agismThis-ism, that-ism, is-m, is-m

All we are saying is giving peace a chance

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