Cologne “Senftöpfchen”: Spicy advent calendar

Pre-Christmas lockdown and boredom?

In the past, a piece of chocolate was eventually found behind the open door in the advent calendar. Nowadays it is a fresh browser window that opens after clicking the door. The treat is of an audiovisual nature. In the case of the Cologne “Senftöpfen” stage, it shows recordings of cheerful hours from the recent history of cabaret and comedy.

There are a lot of things related to the current date, for example to december 8, i.e. Conception of the Virgin Mary. Ingrid Ittel- Fernau and Monika Kampmann played the “Jröß dich, Maria”. Others are timeless and yet quite typical of their time, the image of the “positive Rhinelander”, which Konrad Beikircher coined as a young man in a snakeskin look, in 1994, is unforgettable here in a recording from the Bonn Opera. Today it is Andreas Etienne and Michael Müller who bring the “Fiskalosaurus Rex” to life for the 50th birthday of the “Senftöpfen”-Thatre.

“Senftöpfchen advent calendar

Doors already open

Since we have already taken a look in the You-Tube-Fundus, here are two more entertaining recommendations. On the one hand, here is Helge Schneider, who chooses a new concert grand piano:

And a trip to Belgian television with Chuck Berry:

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