Winter menus "to go" and "100% organic" from the Türnicher Schlossküche

The text on the website of the Schlosscafé begins as usual the news from the pen of Severin Hoensbroech: “Dear friends of Schloss Türnich…” First of all, the lord of the castle would like to thank all those who have remained loyal to the Hofcafé during the “turbulent roller coaster ride” in the Covid-19 year. With “pleasing many visits” in the guest garden and café, fully booked Friday menu evenings, up to the broad popularity for the “Castle Christmas Menu for Home” available in mason jars and between foil with written instructions for dressing in your own kitchen. “Winter menu for home” is now only logical.

And because this has been so popular and because the lockdown rules still keep the castle kitchen firmly under control, the two chefs Ernst Plattberg (in the photo from the photographer Marcel Franken on the left in the picture) and Ferdinand Klabunde (right) are once again preparing menus on pre-order: they are the winter menus for home. And this is what chefs like Schlossherr guarantee from organic ingredients, once “vegan” and once “with meat”.

In both versions of the four-course menu, there is a “truffled root cream soup with almonds and croutons”. Then the appetizer varies with spicy lentil salad with beetroot and orange, for the vegans with rust onion-green cabbage crisps to those of the friends of the meat, who find marinated feta in it instead of the crunch. In the vegan main course, the chefs hand out celery, pumpkin and Brussels sprouts from the oven on chickpea ragout with cumin and spinach, fresh coriander and tahini sauce, followed by the dessert of quince compote with coconut polenta and vanilla with salt caramel sauce and peanut.

Meat eaters find a boeuf bourguignon in the main course, made from meat from happy cattle, with spice fig onion chutney with glazed Brussels sprouts and pumpkin potato gratin. The hearty dish concludes with a tonka bean panna cotta with quince and salt caramel sauce.

This sounds very tasty.

For the beef, perhaps the red organic tempranillo from the shop side has enough wumms. Whether vegans prefer celery, pumpkin and Brussels sprouts prefer the Grauburgunder, I don’t know in principle to judge. Apple herb and that of apples in Demeter quality, however, is basically a good idea for breakfast.

It was the first round of winter menus for home, which was ordered by Wednesday, January 13, and paid by bank transfer or PayPal, and on Friday, January 15, to be picked up at the castle café. You can use this or a similar link to process an order, etc.

Winter menu for home

Readers who read the advertisement later will surely find a tip here, which is delicious to eat. Certainly the two chefs Plattberg and Klabunde do not run out of ideas for further winter, maybe even spring menus, (hopefully not) .

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