Brigitte, Hermann-Josef and Olsen send greetings from the island

From the fulfillment of a lifelong dream

Anyone who asks Herman-Josef Hilbrecht and Brigitte how they are these days via a Messenger app may be surprised to receive a selection of springtime photos and greetings from their second home, the Greek island of Ios. How the painter and guitarist from Kerpen, his wife and dog Olsen (here they all show themselves via selfie) came to live on the Mediterranean island is quickly told.

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Cologne “Senftöpfchen”: Spicy advent calendar

Pre-Christmas lockdown and boredom?

In the past, a piece of chocolate was eventually found behind the open door in the advent calendar. Nowadays it is a fresh browser window that opens after clicking the door. The treat is of an audiovisual nature. In the case of the Cologne “Senftöpfen” stage, it shows recordings of cheerful hours from the recent history of cabaret and comedy.

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