Funkamateur Heinz Schlagheck overcomes "Social Distancing" worldwide

Silent Keys from France

The world of wireless telegraphy has been marked by many abbreviations since the beginning of the 20th century.Even in today’s digital age, everyone still knows the sequence of numbers “SOS” as an emergency call.With “CQ” usually starts a dialogue, it is the abbreviation for “Come Quickly” and is the world-famous call to all radio operators who are able to receive the sent signal to respond quickly.

The abbreviation “SK” means “Silent Key” in the radio language. “SK” attached to the internationally unique phone number of a radio amateur tells other radio operators about his death, says Heinz Schlagheck.

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Petition: Secure the existence of freelancing journalists!

When the schedule becomes thinner

For all those who know the situation full-time, freelance journalists, there is already the link to the petition of the DJV in the first place. This is about the demand for financial support beyond the lump sum of the Bridging Assistance Plus.

Everyone else can read on here!

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Social worker Jupp Meul retires and takes stock

The failure of open youth work

At the end of the year, Jupp Meul says, he will retire, and after 33 years he will be finished working at the DRK Youth Centre. With a precise look at the social changes of the last three decades, all of which have been reflected in his work with young people, the social worker and medical educator takes stock during a discussion at the Youth Centre.

Just in time at 2 p.m., the heavy wing door to the youth center opens with unmistakable squeaking in the hinges. 

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Whether Köster, Krimi or Kirchenbauer – what only entertains is cancelled

Photo: Bedburg cultural scene at the "Remember Woodstock" festival in summer 2019.

It's such a pity, I would have liked to have looked at Gerd Köster. That singer who can mitigate the tristesse of an annoying nicotine withdrawal – you just don't think about it anymore. The powerful poet of the Kölschen dialect, who in his performances also shows himself visibly as a connoisseur of the upper fermentofe of the same name, casts a fine, as salutary look into the madness of the everyday in his texts. In a trio with guitarists Frank Hocker and Helmut Krumminga, he had actually invited to the new program called "Wupp" in the Pulheimer Köster-Saal on the first Thursday in November. It would have been about infused cover versions of their favorite songs, from Ray Davis, Rod Stewart to Iggy Pop and Tom Waits to Frank Zappa. Would he have found suitable words for the cultural crisis?

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The other one

Who wouldn’t have googled themselves before, for fun at the Freud or because, like me, someone wants to know if the system already knows its own close-up blog. With some astonishment I notice that there are even more Oliver Tripps in this country. Less so than in the US, but at least. And one of them stands out in the list, which posts three short opinions on the online question platform “Quora” and who is apparently also a friend of colorful locomotives, one looks at the accompanying picture. He has six followers. From 24 November last year to 23 November. May likes to answer Oliver Tripp three questions.

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Two-part castles and castles of the old district of Bergheim: here it is about castle history

Exciting two-parter: Cooperation between the municipalities of Kerpen and Bergheim is as exemplary as it is rare.How this can turn into an enchanting and educational evening on the subject of castles and castles in the Rhein-Erft district was demonstrated by three history jecks on one evening at Loersfeld Castle.

Astrid Machuj, the chairwoman of the Bergheim Museum Association and Markus Potes, as chairman of the Association for History and Local History Quadrath-Ichendorf 1985 e.V.  to finally teach people the grunting after a long break.Namely with stories of relevant legends from the region (Link) The lecture by Susanne Harke-Schmidt, chairwoman of the Heimatverein Kerpen and city archivist in the Kolpingstadt, was about partly no less hair-raising, factual historical knowledge about the Kerpen castles. Incidentally, it was the two women who had decided on the evening together.

Many thanks to the City Archive Kerpen for the great pictures.

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