Farewell to the Brühler Milchbar

The removal was about centimeters

To say goodbye to the milk bar on Saturday evening, there was a folk festival atmosphere at the Kaufhof in front of the barrier to Carl-Schurz-Straße. The Rhineland Landscape Association served free drinks and appetizers here. Musician Charly Manderscheidt played rock 'n' roll, the Beatles and something to chuckle. Herbert Poetes, who as chairman of the museum society at that time gave the director of the open-air museum, Josef Mangold, the impulse to preserve the milk bar, danced with Elke Feuster Jive.

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Absinto Orkestra – what are they playing?

Seven-quarter rhythm with orchestra and the soloist Joscho Stephan

What are they playing, Klezmer or Balkan? Joachim Schappert and Stefan Ölke assure them that they have heard the question so many times and never been able to answer it. "Somehow" their own thing developed, say the two guitarists, who played together before the founding of the Absinto Orkestras, even before the "Balkan wedding band wave" with fanfare Ciocarlia as one of their most prominent representatives flooded the dancefloor. In fact, the band originated from a theatre project at the RüsselsheimEr Stadttheater, making music for the play "Vogel's Wedding".

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Farewell to the Peter organ, too many sounds fell out

First pipes removed during music making

While the cantor Marc Gornetzki plays the last piece of the farewell concert from the old organ, "For Auld Lang Syne", known under the German title "Take farewell, my brothers", the organ builders Hubert Fasen and his assistant Walter Friehs began the dismantling. They lay the first large pipes on the floor next to the instrument. To all in the Evangelical Church of Reconciliation, who on Saturday evening as listeners and singing congregations hear the last organ tones of the Peter organ, built in 1973 and appointed after their builder, this is more than just a symbol. The dismantling of the old organ has really begun. On Monday and Tuesday, the organ builders want to complete the dismantling.

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Blue Moon in the Milk Bar

Famous Brühler pub is rebuilt in the open-air museum

Part 1 of the Milk Bar History

Part 2: Removal by centimetres and Part 3: Milk bar celebrates 65 in the Museum.Birthday

Interior photo and exterior view Archive Fritz Neff with friendly permission by Hans J. Rothkamp

"I'm coming to Kommern" long proclaimed a large poster on the outer wall where the trip might lead the former restaurant of Mike Smith in Carl-Schurz-Straße. The pub was known to its customers as a "milk bar" until the very end.

And this despite the fact that at the end of 2017 neither the curved lettering in white neon above the entrance door, nor the original blue-and-white livery of the old bar counter nor the former milk bar from the 1950s were reminiscent of the former milk bar. Instead, beige, dark red and the cover art of numerous long-playing records such as the Rolling Stones, Santana, Jimi Hendrix and many others dominated the walls of the pub.

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The beauty of the trees in black and white

Hubert Perschke staged the forest and fleeting installations in the Hambach Forest

When Hubert Perschke takes “the thick one” into the forest, he embeds it on the dark cloth in the loading area of his station wagon. The photographer calls his specialist camera “the thick one”. It puts a lot of weight on the scales and in size it clearly exceeds its smaller counterparts. Once mounted on the tripod, it can be comfortably carried over the shoulder with the lens case in the free hand over short distances.

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