Petition: Secure the existence of freelancing journalists!

When the schedule becomes thinner

For all those who know the situation full-time, freelance journalists, there is already the link to the petition of the DJV in the first place. This is about the demand for financial support beyond the lump sum of the Bridging Assistance Plus.

Everyone else can read on here!

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Remembrance against memory gaps – in Hürth at least on a small scale

Remembrance culture wants to be cultivated in public. As early as 9 November, however, many commemorations of the victims of the Nazi pogroms had been seen at best as – certainly well-intentioned – live streams on social media. There is too much fear that contagion could occur on official occasions. The fear must be outweighed at the moment against impending memory gaps.

The usual elevator of many people on the occasion of the Volkstrauertag at the Fallen Monument on the edge of the castle park in Hürth-Hermülheim should not have existed this time. But the chairman of the local community Oliver Franz and local head Hans-Josef Lang did not want to do without a wreath laying as a presence event on a small scale.

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Social worker Jupp Meul retires and takes stock

The failure of open youth work

At the end of the year, Jupp Meul says, he will retire, and after 33 years he will be finished working at the DRK Youth Centre. With a precise look at the social changes of the last three decades, all of which have been reflected in his work with young people, the social worker and medical educator takes stock during a discussion at the Youth Centre.

Just in time at 2 p.m., the heavy wing door to the youth center opens with unmistakable squeaking in the hinges. 

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And another: the Seifert organ in the Horrem Christ-King Church

A concert with Norbert Trierweiler and Ulrich Junk

Admittedly, the concert has been around for a while, from Sunday 25 October, when a few people from the November lockdown liked to talk with the addition "Light", as if it were a soft drink. The Horrem church musician Norbert Trierweiler had invited his long-time friend Ulrich Junk, from the Eifel, to the first concert together.

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Evangelical congregation Lechenich inaugurated new organ

Uncompromising presentation of all literature

"Nanu, where are the flutes?" will have been the thought of by few who listened to Marcel Dupré's "Cortége et Litanie". The first thing that struck the organist Marc Gornetzki was the lack of timbre, so I originally opened my text, but the flutes were not missing at all, as I liked to be taught, on the contrary there were even too many. Marc Gornetzki himself criticized the beginning of the text as "not quite correct" and described the temporary inconvenience of the new organ in an e-mail: "In the first organ piece there was a misalignment in the registers. A high-lying register consisting of several pipes called Mixtur was also drawn to the flute, which was supposed to sound alone. This caused the confusion because it could not be switched off."

It was in the second strata, divided by three corona, in which the Evangelical parish of Lechenich celebrated its new organ in the Church of Reconciliation.At the latest during repeated, unsuccessful allusion, even those who did not know the piece suspected that something was wrong.

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Whether Köster, Krimi or Kirchenbauer – what only entertains is cancelled

Photo: Bedburg cultural scene at the "Remember Woodstock" festival in summer 2019.

It's such a pity, I would have liked to have looked at Gerd Köster. That singer who can mitigate the tristesse of an annoying nicotine withdrawal – you just don't think about it anymore. The powerful poet of the Kölschen dialect, who in his performances also shows himself visibly as a connoisseur of the upper fermentofe of the same name, casts a fine, as salutary look into the madness of the everyday in his texts. In a trio with guitarists Frank Hocker and Helmut Krumminga, he had actually invited to the new program called "Wupp" in the Pulheimer Köster-Saal on the first Thursday in November. It would have been about infused cover versions of their favorite songs, from Ray Davis, Rod Stewart to Iggy Pop and Tom Waits to Frank Zappa. Would he have found suitable words for the cultural crisis?

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Free color and "lines"– Ute Messirek exhibits at the Elsdorfforum :terra nova

"Safe cultural format"

Under the title "Lines" Ute Messirek shows large-format pictures in the forum :terra nova. One thing connects them, they are quite colorful and non-objective. "A new and exciting world without duties and regulations" opened up ten years ago – "at a more mature age", says the Bedburg painter herself.

Photo: City of Elsdorf

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