"Sweet William" – Homage to Oliver Heuer

Only in the last few years, after many concerts, Oliver Heuer had actually arrived back where it all started, at performances with friends in his Hometown. I visited him in May 2016 in his home in a small town near Cologne, just before his appearance in the Christ Church up there in Sindorf. I brought him an edition of the “Kitzler” – who remembers this marvellous magazine for the “Erftkreis” of those 1980s? Strictly speaking, there were two issues. In this first, with Hans Barz dancing on socks on the cover, a foto of mine in my early works. A review of a performance of Sweet William in the school mensa of “Tagesheimgymnasium Kerpen” was printed.

In 2016 he gave me his last CD and invited me to his next concerts. There has always been something in between that seemed more important to me. And I thought there was still a lot of time to listen to his music live. On 11 December 2019, he died unexpectedly. His wife Birgit Barrero recalls, she found him lying dead on the sofa when she came home from work in the afternoon. The day before, they already had gone to a hospital because Oliver felt weak, they had been sent home.

Here, as a reminder, I once again dig out the text i wrote after visiting him.

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Cologne “Senftöpfchen”: Spicy advent calendar

Pre-Christmas lockdown and boredom?

In the past, a piece of chocolate was eventually found behind the open door in the advent calendar. Nowadays it is a fresh browser window that opens after clicking the door. The treat is of an audiovisual nature. In the case of the Cologne “Senftöpfen” stage, it shows recordings of cheerful hours from the recent history of cabaret and comedy.

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"in fact we didn't meet in person…" – the Portuguese Francisco Vaudeville on his friendship with Oliver Heuer

Tributes in sombre sounds

The Portuguese Francisco Vaudeville maintained a deep friendship with Oliver Heuer for decades. That’s why he and his friends put together the tribute CD “Out of Sight”. Here he describes his encounter with one whom he considered “awesome musician” and “wonderful poet”.

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Nicholas in a sleigh, on tugs, wagons and as a drive through

Not the right time for the “Hillije Mann” inside the house

He has never been such an “open-air Nikolaus”, says Bruno Gronenborn, and for many, many years he has already represented Nicholas in the kindergarten “Fliester Schreihäls”. At the Johnen family farm in Fliesteden on Saturday, he climbs into a white carriage for the exit through the village.There he takes a seat next to a large basket with chocolate nicotine lice and an even larger loudspeaker box, from which “Last Christmas” already resounds. Slanted opposite there is still room for Jaqueline Beyenberg, an angel all in white, with mouth/nose protection.

Nicholas does not have much time to practice his role. “How does a Nikolaus actually beckon?” he ponders.

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Digital Christmas calendar with a chance to win

Photo by Jürgen Maria Waffenschmidt

The tourism experts Hannah Grob, Alina Schwalb and their apprentice Marie Hermanns promise an “inspiring and digital discovery tour” with a digital advent calendar. They want to put a small smile on the lips of brühlers and also people beyond the city limits of Brühl. Every day, a digital door can be opened, behind which a special experience opportunity is concealed, says the young team for tourism in the department for culture, partnerships, tourism and event management of the city of Brühl. With excursion tips, they prepare for the next Brühl visits. They are recommendations for winter walks in the Rheinland Nature Park or the presentation of previously little-known tourist attractions and accommodation establishments. Behind some windows, for example on weekends and on 24 December, visitors can take part in the raffle of prize vouchers for “special two-person experiences”.

“Hello from our absolute lockdown (light)”, as the Brühler Kornkammer reports in an e-mail

Concert dates as tight as “concrete pillars” still tipped

Maggi and Rüdiger Tillmann from the event location Kornkammer report an almost complete loss of sales since mid-March 2020 and there is “no prospect of improvement”. As recently as the autumn, they had talked about events for the winter, as firmly anchored in the schedule as “concrete pillars”. They had expected further restrictions on the operation of concerts at that time, but not with a further complete closure of the hall to the public in November and beyond.

And so they now announce: “Everything is cancelled.” But need is notoriously inventive and so they have come up with something.

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On www.corona-2020.eu, the author Barbara Siefken collects stories

A family photo with Charlotta, Olaf, Barbara, Karolina Siefken and dog Balu was recently taken by a friend.

The Incredible Happens

The majority had only heard of Corona from the news when the pandemic had already arrived in her personal environment for Barbara Siefken. On March 9, 2020, her internet blog begins with the description of her cousin Cessi: “All the men stand in the parking lot at our GP and get tested!”Just from Ischgl, the partner of the cousin, her brother-in-law and some friends had come home, Barbara Siefken explains.

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